Solar isn't Rocket Science.

Here are the 4 parts of your system.   

1. Panels

The panels are 36 cell, monocrystalline, 190 watt panels. 

The frames are anodized aluminum and have a thickness of 35mm.

The front of the panel is made from tempered glass (which is what they use in skylights).

The dimensions are 1482 mm x 680 mm x 35 mm

The dimensions are 58 5/16" x 26 3/4" x 1 3/8"

Weight of 23lbs

Panels have a 10 year manufacture warranty and a performance warranty 25 years.

2. Mounts

They attach with metal roof screws to the roof deck (no need to finding rafters).  The mount seals to the roof surface with butyl mastic and the screw uses a watertight washer for a second layer of sealing. This is a proven method being used currently by several other companies.

The hooks are then clamped to the panels and drop into place on to the pins. Everything is then locked into place by using the supplied locking pins.

A rigid cardboard template is supplied to exactly locate the mount attachment locations. (No tape measure needed)

Our hooks can attach to any solar panel on the market.

2. Electronics

The microinverter records panel production and comes with a Wi-Fi attachment for uploading the data to the cloud for App monitoring.

This kit comes standard with a 25ft extension cord with a 120 V plug on one side and a 3 pin plug (matches microinverter) on the other side.

4. Software

Watch your roof make electricity from anywhere. The perfect conversation starter at dinner parties.

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