For a given solar panel rating, the dollars per year that it produces depends on the annual sun and the local electricity price.

In Detroit, a 380 W panel produces $80 per year of electricity.


We sell a 380 W solar appliance for $465, shipped ($1.22/W).  After the 30% tax credit, your outlay is then $326.

At $80 per year, it pays back $320 in 4 years.


Our 760 W double kit pays back a bit faster than that.  ($465 + $380)  The cost of the double kit is $845, shipped.  $845 becomes $592 after the 30% tax credit.   $592 / $160/yr = 3.7 years.

For more information see "Savings" in FAQs.

Check Your States Electricity Cost.


Use NRELS PVWATTS website to calculate your payback time.


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