I, like you, was “solar curious”.  I got an estimate for solar panels on my home, but it came in at $1,000 per panel – and a payback period that exceeded a decade!  I stopped in my tracks and researched the subject for two more years.  Eventually, I decided to install my own system.  It had a good payback time, but the research and shopping around I had to do was immense.  Certainly it is do-able, but the learning curve will keep away all but the most dedicated.

When the Department of Energy sent out its invitation to compete in the American-Made Solar Prize, I thought about what I wished were different in the solar industry.  The problem was clear.  Many of my neighbors, relatives, and friends were solar curious.  Some of them had even gotten quotes for contractor-installed systems, but none pulled the trigger.

First, we needed to get the cost of the system down so the payback could be so short that it was a financial no-brainer.  We provide a 380 watt system for $465, shipped.  At that price, this system pays back in 4 years in Michigan.  If you are further south, even sooner yet.  If there exists a more cost-effective system, let us know so we can improve.

Second, for a contractor to make money, he needs to install a 16 to 25 panel system on your roof.  This makes solar a big financial decision when one’s solar confidence is still low.  I wanted to make that big decision into a little decision.  With my system, the payback on 1 panel, 4 panels, or 20 panels is always 4 years regardless of the number purchased.  You can start with just one to give you solar confidence.  The kilowatt-hours produced and the electric bill reduction are reported on your smart phone by the minute, day, or year.  Seeing this will help you understand solar pays for itself, and quickly!  With this confidence, you can add panels as you please.  And I will have accomplished my goal of moving you from solar curious to solar confident.

Our Mission Statement 

Why are we here?

We want Solar panels on every roof.


How do we achieve that?

Enable the homeowners to be in control of when, where, and how much.


So we made this,

A homeowner installed Solar Appliance, bought one panel at a time, $1.25/W, shipped to your door.

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